The AEB Process 

Whether you have a particular employee benefits challenge that needs addressing, would like more details on how we could help your team, please get in touch. It all starts with a confidential, no-obligation conversation with our team of consultants. You can book an appointment online or get in touch directly.

  1. A complimentary initial meeting with one of our consultants.
  2. At the meeting, the Consultant will talk through your business operations and any current challenges with regards to Employee Benefits and mutually agree on the next steps such as auditing existing arrangements, or benchmarking the benefits within your business sector.
  3. The consultant will report back with the outcome of the analysis and provide a completely transparent proposal detailing the initial and ongoing services recommended and their corresponding costs.
  4. Following the agreement of terms and our proposal, the services will be delivered within the specified timeline and regularly reviewed to ensure standards are met and that services can be adjusted as your business needs evolve. We are also happy to co-operate with any tender process, should it be necessary for your business.
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